Posted on 23rd July 2012
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thinking a lot about

karma and reincarnation. and how sometimes when you have reallly deep intense relationships with people it could be someone you had a connection with in a past life. and maybe you have unfinished business together or lessons to learn. its a diffferent way of looking at soul mates, that you have more than just one of them your whole life. we have many of them. i just think the world works in mysterious ways and everything happens for a reason. these are the type of relationships where you are drawn to someone the first time you meet them, or have an immediate affinity or think youve fell in “love at first sight.” or maybe you feeel like youve known this person your whole life… its because in a sense, you have and you are just meant to cross each others paths and learn karmic lessons together.

doesn’t make the pain of a breakup go away but it does help to remind yourself that everything happens for a reason, and mistakes are there for us to learn from. maybe my ex boyfriend needed to learn a lesson about himself and his priorities and being faithful. maybe i needed to learn a lesson about myself and being your own person and making decisions for yourself and no one else. maybe certain people go through similar situations with similar people over and over again, in the same life or in different lives, because they dont really learn their lesson. so i guess what im saying is i need to learn from this experience and move forward with my life. i’m sure i’m meant to cross paths with someone else in the future.

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